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If you are looking for professional, friendly and dedicated tutoring services then don’t take our word. Have a look at our Testimonials:

“My daughter has been having tutoring at Time 2 Tutor for over a year. This has been a pleasurable and worthwhile experience. My daughter throughout a difficult Year 5 was lacking in confidence. The support given to her has been fantastic. Shweta’s calm and friendly approach has helped my daughter to grow in confidence. Shweta has also helped her to understand topics that she could not quite grasp whilst in school. Suzanne is always available to provide support for both us as parents and my daughter; the positive feedback has been very much appreciated.

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time and will really miss her 1:1 sessions. I can highly recommend Time 2 Tutor for anyone considering a tutor. By coming here it has really helped my daughter to achieve her best.

Many thanks to a great team.”


“My youngest child has been having tutoring at Time 2 Tutor for the last year, as did my son a couple of years ago. We are now awaiting the results from the entrance exams. Whatever the outcome, I am so proud of my daughter and son and would like to give a massive THANK YOU to Time 2 Tutor for all the help, encouragement and support, not only for both my children, but myself. I would recommend Time 2 Tutor for any parent who wishes to put their children in for the entrance exams.”


“My son did tuitions with Suzanne to prepare for his 11+ exams. Suzanne’s calm and friendly approach helped him focus in his studies and gave him confidence to achieve his best. It can be a very gruelling and stressful time for children, but Suzanne ensured all through that he enjoys learning and kept motivating him.

There were times when he would forget what was taught earlier and Suzanne was patient enough to go over with him again. Keeping variety in the homework and making it fun too is what sets her apart. She communicates with the parents on an ongoing basis about the child’s progress, taking into consideration that every child is different and requires to be supported accordingly.

All due credit to my son for putting in a lot of effort and coming out with flying colours, but it would have been not been possible without a good teacher and guide which is precisely what Suzanne is.

I thank her for all the guidance and support that helped my son perform and achieve to the best of his capability. ”

Mrs. Patel

“I had been recommended Time 2 Tutor by a friend of mine for my son. The tuition he received was very academic and of a high standard level. My son developed various skills and particularly the ones required for the 11plus. Besides, my son was placed in the high-ability group for both maths and English at school. As well as develop these skills Time 2 Tutor extremely boost my son’s confidence as an EAL student. The I-can-do spirit and the positive feedback helped my son to pass all his exams and get him a place ay AGSB.

Now my daughter is getting prepared for her 11plus exam at Time 2 Tutor. She is doing well and enjoys her lessons. She passed all exam and hoping to go to AGGS I am really pleased with Time 2 Tutor and would recommended it to all. Thank you”


“After not knowing anything about tutoring or entrance exams, Time 2 Tutor was recommended by another parent. My son started having tutoring on a regular basis and his tutor Suzanne kept us informed at every stage throughout. My son had the obvious moans and the few arguments about having to do extra homework, but it has be all worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone who wishes to further their child’s education.

I’m very proud to say my son passed all the three entrance exams and we are delighted that he has accepted a place at his chosen school. I have now booked Time 2 Tutor for my daughter.”


“Suzanne tutored me and explained everything. It was hard work, but I’m excited to be going to my new grammar school in September. Thank you.”