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11 Plus Entrance Mock Exam

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Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to suspend our in-person mock exam procedures. Currently, government instructions prohibit large gatherings which rules out the possibility of hosting our in-person mock exams in the centre.

Consequently, bookings are now open for online Mock Exams which will be conducted with a live call via Zoom. Each individual session will be open to 10 students, whom will be put under exam conditions with strict timings. We will be offering 2 Mock Exams per date. Our Mock Exam pack will be delivered to your doorstep, which you would only open on the day of the Mock Exam. After the Mock Exam has concluded, the answer sheets should be placed back into the pack and will be picked up from your doorstep. These Mock Exams will be marked and reported by Time 2 Tutor.

As you will be aware, this year some of Trafford Grammar school will be doing a CEM paper and GL assessments.

CEM exam will consist of two 45 minute papers covering areas such as Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal. As actual copies of CEM papers have never been released, it is impossible to predict exactly what type of questions will be on the papers.

GL exam will consist of 3 Papers 50 minute of Verbal, 50 minute of Math and 20 minutes of Non-verbal as well as a Creative writing (used as board line).

At Time 2 Tutor we have decided to organise a CEM style paper exam and GL style Paper exam at the centre.

The exam will take place online on the following dates:

14th May 2022 10am CEM
29th May 2022 10am CEM
11th June 2022 10am CEM
26th June 2022 10am CEM
09th July 2022 10am CEM
07th August 2022 10am CEM
13th August 2022 10am CEM
28th August 2022 10am CEM
Dates to be confirmed at a later date for both CEM and GL exams papers.

If there is a surplus of demand, we may provide other dates.

The cost of the Mock Exam is £45 with all resources provided. Payment has to be paid in advance in order to secure a place.

The cost of the mock is £50, snacks and drinks will be provided. Payment has to be paid in advance to secure a place.

Feedback will be given on the next lesson your child attends.

It should be emphasised that this exam is designed so that the children can experience the style of CEM Exam and GL Exam are not the exact types of questions which may be set by exam boards.

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